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Iowa name changes

Hi!What order do you change your documents in Iowa? Social Security card, then drivers liscence, then all others? Any tips to make it less anoying? Any good books you read while waiting at the DMV? :)

Re: Iowa name changes

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    I just printed the knots how-to version of changing name.It says...1.  Get your certified marriage license (raised seal) and have signed at your ceremony. (I printed a form off of my county website, but you have to go in person to finalize it.)2.  Go to the nearest Social Security Office and get your new card.  (I printed a form to fill out but have to go in person to complete the process.)3.  With your certified marriage license go to the DMV and get your new drivers license. 4. Then change any of your credit cards, loans, car insurance, home insurance, health insurance, 401k plans, etc.  But, definitely call your county court house, the recorders office and confirm with them.  I'm actually really dreading all of this when I get back from my honeymoon...oh yeah, make sure you wait to do all of this until after you return from your honeymoon, if you are leaving the country.  Remember your passport must match your drivers license and air line tickets. 

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    I'm so dreading this process. It seems like I need a day off to do it!
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    We aren't taking a HM right away, so I am taking a couple days off from work, I plan to use one to just go get this done. Don't know why I am dreading all the paperwork, but I am as well. You are not alone.
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    Yea, that's a good idea, I'm taking a couple days after the wedding before going back to work so maybe I'll get all this stuff done in a day ... my question is however, the marriage license, once it is signed on our wedding day, does it need to be sent back in and returned to us before I can do any of this?  Or is it valid after our priest signs it? 
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    You won't have the certified copy of the marriage license until your officiant signs the marriage certificate and mails it in. Then they mail a certified copy back to you. So even if your officiant turns it in right away, you won't have it until several days to a week after your wedding.
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