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INVITES - what to do?

Now that I have all of them addressed and ready to be sent out I have no idea what I'm supposed to do with them! haha - we have 150 invites to mail so do I just drop them in the box at the post office or do I need to do something else? Would this many invites be considered 'bulk mail'? Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I just want to be sure that we won't have any problems or delays in getting them on their way to our guests..... As always - thank you for your input! ~Katrina

Re: INVITES - what to do?

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    Lol, I understand your confusion.  I just took mine to the post office just to be safe.
  • jgilbergjgilberg member
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    Go to the post office!You might want to get them hand canceled as well. I did not and quite a few of my envelopes came back to me shredded.~Julie
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    Thanks ladies! :) Julie - 'hand canceled'? Don't know what that means.... oh and another question, we have a postage meter that we used. Do you know if that changes the way I would need to do things? Sorry about all the questions - I guess I could have all of them answered in one phone call to the post office, but you girls are much nicer to deal with. :) Bad experience with a really rude lady the last time I went in! ERRR!!!! Good thing I was in a good mood or I would have smacked her for being so ugly to me!! LOL
  • irishdanceririshdancer member
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    I would recommend to get them hand canceled too, but get the stamp from them and do them yourself.  Otherwise they will tell you they will do it and then they won't.  That happend to me and I was pissed!Hand cancelling is when they cancel the stamp with a rubber ink stamp instead of sending it through a machine.  The machine can squish, tear, and mutilate your invitations. So it makes them look nicer when they arrive to the receiver.  But in order to make sure they are actually done, you will have to stand at the post office and do them yourself.
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