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Looking for affordable wedding reception locations close to Jamestown, RI


My fiance and I are having our wedding ceremony in Jamestown in the fall of 2010.  We haven't set a definite date yet.  We are now searching for affordable wedding reception locations that are close to Jamestown.  Ideally we don't want our guests to have to drive more than 25-30 minutes to the reception location.  Of course a closer wedding reception location would be great.  We really don't want to spend more than $7000 or $8000 on the reception.  That would include any rental fees, food and drinks.  If we can spend less than that, we'd be really happy, but I don't know if that is possible.  We are going to have about 120 people.  Can any of you recommend affordable reception locations?  We really don't want to have the reception at a country club either, but I guess we will look into those as a last resort.  Oh, and we are pretty laid back people, so a laid back and fun location is great.  Thanks so much for your help!

Re: Looking for affordable wedding reception locations close to Jamestown, RI

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    We have about the same budget for reception (though fewer guests) and also wanted something laid-back and not a country club/hotel/golf course, etc. Here are some we looked at that would meet your requirements: Kinney Bungalow and The Towers in Narragansett; Easton's Beach Rotunda in Newport; the barn at Mt. Hope Farm in Bristol (Google Maps says 32 minutes) and The Meeting House in Tiverton(Google Maps says it's 33 minutes), which is our venue. Rental fees are less expensive on Fridays and Sundays, typically, so the variable here is your caterer/meal choice. We went with a clambake company and we're doing a mixed grill (steak tips, swordfish, chicken) menu. It's reasonably priced and also the more relaxed feel we were going for.

    As an aside, if having alcohol isn't a necessity for you, the carousel at Goddard Park in Warwick rents for a steal (like $400 for the whole day) but there's no alcohol allowed in state parks.

    If you end up going the all-in-one venue route, the Quonset 'O' Club in NK is fairly recently renovated and very reasonable for pricing per plate. GL!

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    Tha'ts  pretty comprehensive list from the prev. poster

    All those places have rental fees, but the majority of them you have to bring in your own caterer...at the Towers, Meeting House, Rotunda, Mt Hope etc

    I think that will be the major break it or make it $ decision for you that will keep you within budget.

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    What about Meadow Brook Inn in Charlestown R.I?
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    Hi, I love Jamestown and if thats what you want go for it....we got married in Jamestown and it was beautiful!!! We rented a private home.... I am also a local wedding planner and have planned many weddings in the area, happy to offer suggestions of some other cost effective options for you. Take a look at Trattoria Simpatico or Bay Voyage Inn either venue works great for an intimate group and they will customize a menu to meet your budget. Best Wishes!
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    Quonset O Club in North Kingstown is about 20 mins away or Quidnessett Country Club is 25 mins away both affordable and would definatley keep you within that price range depending on what you chose.  They both have several options for room sizes.  I had my reception at Quonset O with a little over 200 ppl. we had our own huge bar on the main floor. 
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    The Towers is not going to fall into that price range- almost 50% of that budget would be just to rent the Towers alone - not to mention renting chairs, tables, caterer etc.  I think people think its an inexpensive venue - but when you add everything up it isnt at all.

    The Village Inn, Club House, or Quonset O are great suggestions... Also Trattoria Simpatico in Jamestown now does beautiful outdoor weddings and Im sure they could accomodate whatever price ranges you want. 
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    I just noticed another poster wrote about trattoria too - it really is an AWESOME place - I had my RD there...

    Bay Voyage is also a GREAT suggestion.
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    Thank you everyone for your suggestions!  I appreciate it.
  • Yes, and Newport
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