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HEY! I am so so so sorry for taking forever to respond! We just got internet at our new place today. Anyway I thought the microphone on the beach worked out really well. I think that it depends if you want it in your pictures but it really didn't mind. It was nice for people to hear the ceremony! Let me know if this helped at all!Talk to you soon!Ali

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    Hi - thank you - no worries!  Can I ask who set it up for you? I don't mind it in the pictures - agree it would be best for people to hear what is going on and the wind is always a tbd factor... thank you!
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    Hey! The band played music for our ceremony and they set up the microphone for us as well. You know I actually never thought about the wind and no one said anything about it either, but yes it definitely is a factor to take into account. Even if it is a little windy though I don't think people would mind :)
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