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Oceanside? Or other hair/make-up

Lisa George is being a bit uncooperative so I am looking into other options for hair and make-up. We will be getting ready in Chatham and are looking to have someone come to me. I have heard about Oceanside--has anyone used them recently and had good reviews? Or anyone else? I am now two months away and need to get a trial and something booked asap !! I am also getting married on a Sunday.. thanks!!!

Re: Oceanside? Or other hair/make-up

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    I used Justine from Salon Justine in Dennisport for my hair and Judy Phillips of Salon 6 West (I think that's its name) in Orleans for makeup.  They both came to my house in Brewster the morning of the wedding at no extra charge.  I would highly recommend both.  HTH!
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    I'm using Oceanside for my hair/makeup, and all my girls, for my 9/26 wedding.  I liked that they had a team of people who can come to you, and didn't find their prices to be too bad.  I have a friend who used them a couple years ago and had a great experience.  So, I'm feeling pretty confident going forward.  Good luck with your decision!
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    I'm using Chatham Hair Company...they don't come to you but since we're getting married in Chatham I'm willing to take the trip. I had a trial at Oceanside, they did a really nice job, but it just wasn't what I wanted. They were also super nice and very accomodating but I also didn't want to have to pay an extra fee for them to come to us. Salon Justine is great and I've heard good things about Cosmetique as well. Good luck!
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    Thanks so much!  I am going to get info from all your suggestions!
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