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Villa Tuscana?? any feedback

Hello ladies,

I jsut browsed on Villa Tuscana website but was wondering if anyone here has ever used them or any of their packages and are they affordable? Many "affordable" venues are in the $15-$25k range and this is not an option for us. My wedding will be 150 guests and was wondering if I could get this venue for lower than that.

Any t houghts or suggestions, comments would be greatly appreciated thank you.

Re: Villa Tuscana?? any feedback

  • blue1981blue1981
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    Villa Tuscana is actually pretty expensive, I think they gave me a quote of over 20,000 for 150 guests and that was a basic package.
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  • sunshyne44sunshyne44
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    I actually have an old email from them with pricing.  Its from January though so I am not sure if their pricing has changed.  Let me know if you want me to forward it to you.  I actually thought their packages were pretty affordable.  The reception only packages range from about $6000 to about $12000 for 150 people depending on day of the week and vendor add ons.  I was actually very interested in this place for my wedding.  I think they have the most affordable all-inclusive packages that include food, dj, photography, flowers, and nice linens.  I didn't do much research on the vendors they use but if you go with an all-inclusive packages definitely make sure you are getting good vendors.

    One of the things that turned me against it was I wanted a venue where I can have the ceremony and the reception at the same site.  Villa Tuscana has ceremony packages...but if I wanted to do an outdoor ceremony they arrange for the ceremony to be at a park that was a couple miles away.  I thought it would be very inconvenient for my guests.

    Another thing I personally did not like was they have two reception halls in the building...So there is a chance that there will be two events going on at the same time.  I am going to have about 250 people at my wedding so I didn't think the space would have worked well for me.  You might feel differently.  
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    Wow thank you so much for your comments [email protected] Sunshyne44 I would have had you forward em that email but that is a big turn off for me that I wont be able to have the ceremony at the same location. Wow I really appreciate allyour help I will keep searching.

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    I don't have any information about Villa Tuscana, but if you're looking for a different, more affordable option, I would definitely recommend Regale. It's in north Scottsdale, but it's a modern, classy venue. The all-inclusive package that we are getting for our 120 guests is comfortably below $15,000. If you need more info, here's their website: www.regaleaz.com
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