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My mom and dad want to throw an engagement party for me and my FI. Awesome! Problem is my mom wants to do Evites & I'm feeling it might be ok to shoot an email to my family member (we're all rather chummy) but I think it'd be awkward for my parents first contact with my FI's grandparents would be through an email. I gave her mailing address for his side of the family. She kind of put up a stink about it. I told her it was ok to cut corners w/ people you knew, but it's a matter of etiquette. I'm not trying to be a snob, I'm just trying to imagine how I'd feel if out of the blue I got an email from my nephew's fiance's mother (whom I've never met) inviting them to a party. A little weird, don't you think???

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    Im not an expert on this but I have to agree with you. I would be afraid it would end up in their junk mail folder since they dont even know who she is. I think sending the invite to them in the mail would be far more appropriate.
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    I'm with you too.  Not only is it a matter of etiquette, but how comfortable are FI's grandparents with e-mail and evites?  I couldn't see any of my grandparents being able to fully understand the evite!
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    Not to mention how many people have SPAM filters on which catch emails sent from addresses not in their contact lists-- your Mom's evite might never make it through the filter!But I agree with pps and with you-- it's quite a violation of etiquette, bordering on uncouth. :-)  Perhaps, however, your mom would accept it more if she looked at it from a practicality side-- i.e. the emails may not reach their destinations?
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