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How many pics did you get from your wedding day photographers?

I am curious to see how many digital pictures your photographers ended up with for your wedding day pics.  We booked our photographers for 8 hours and ended up with less than 700 photos to choose from and I'm thinking we should have lots more.  Our 1.5 hour engagement session resulted in 150 pics, so it seems like 8 hours with 2 photographers should give us more than 700 pics.  Would you mind telling me what you got for your weddings?  Thanks so much!!

Re: How many pics did you get from your wedding day photographers?

  • If your wedding has already happened, you can't go back in time and redo your wedding to get more pictures. Please don't let the number of pictures you got ruin your memories of the day. If you're considering asking for an additional photo session, remember that you paid by the hour in your contract ( from what you've said), so the photographer doesn't really have an obligation to give you more pictures.

    That said, we had over 2,000 photos taken (some are nearly identical copies) and around 425 of those photos were edited. So if 700 is the number of edited pictures you got, that's fantastic. If you didn't buy the rights to all your photos, your photographer might just be showing you "the good ones" so you don't get overwhelmed picking a few out. 
  • Quality over Quantity.
    A good professional photographer, on average, will deliver roughly 50-100 images per hour of coverage. 
  • I got 875+.  But 700 is still a nice healthy number.  I wouldn't give it another thought.   
  • You can expect to get on average, 50 edited images for every hour of shooting.  So, with a 8 hour wedding day, you would get around 400 images.
  • When my sister got married her she had one photographer for 5 hours and got 570 photos.
  • I think 700 is average and I"m sure you got some good ones in there! My sister got 500 professional and 400 candids from her guests using PhotoOpp Bride app. The professionals were definitely better but some of the candids were funny and shots he never would have gotten anyway. 
  • It's not about the number of photos, it's about the quality. Can you re-live the day, as looking at them? Is there a solid story? Or do you feel like you're missing something?

    The number of photos is a very biased statement, a lot of brides complain about it and I think, no, I KNOW that it is not a way to judge the quality and professionalism of a photographer.

    I think you don't realise the work behind editing.

    I'd rather give 400 photos that convey a solid, great story, than drown my brides in a bunch of identical photos that make so sense all together.
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