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All inclusive honeymoons

I have been looking into all inclusive honeymoons. My FI is skeptical though. Has anyone ever been on an all inclusive trip?  If not have you heard reviews from friends who have? Is is a good idea or should I be weary? Opinions please!

Re: All inclusive honeymoons

  • Actually we have been to an AI and will be going on our HM as well. If you go to the right place the food is very good, the people there are happy to have a job and always right there to wait on your every need. There are Adult only AI Couples and sandlas just to name a couple, but there are a lot more. So no crying babies or spring breakers. There are a lot of activites included, plus you can venture off to other tours. There really is no reason to leave the resort. Usually they have 6 restaurants or more. Once you are there you dont have to worry about paying for anything or tipping anyone! I love that part because I know I wont spend more than I want


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  • We loved the AI concept. We were able to budget and know exactly what we were spending and we loved that we did not have to worry about picking up the bill every meal and drink and tipping. The only thing we had to pay out pocket were spa treatments and any excursions that we did.
  • DH and I love AI, practically all of our vacations are all inclusive. Some have been great, some have been awful, it all comes down to picking the right resort for what you want. We've never felt guilty leaving the resort for a few meals or to get out and explore just because we'd already paid for our food. For the amount we eat and drink at the resort we more than get our money's worth and we usually spend less on the vacation all together than if we had paid for everything on its own. Just because you paid a flat fee for your stay that includes food and drink does not mean that it is a waste of money to eat a few meals outside the resort. AI resorts usually have a lot to do in terms of sports, etc and this is also included in the price. This comes in handy when you are staying in an area that isn't the greatest and it isn't necessarily safe for you to leave your resort. We've stayed at a few places like this and were never bored. With that being said you have to pick the right place. There are some places that don't allow spring breakers and others that don't allow families. The spring breakers never bother us but having kids running around does, so we usually opt for 18 or 21 or over resorts. We've also stayed at many resorts that had great food and drink. Not all AIs are created equal but they are something to consider, especially if you are an budget. We have gotten phenomenal AI vacations for a fraction of the cost of some of our other vacations.
  • We have gone to AIs numerous times and love them. The AIs we go to even included some excursions, golf and spa treatments so we don't have unexpected costs.  We go to highly rated resorts that offer outstanding service, good food, many dining options with resort and also sister resorts in the area and also activities.  I guess it really depends on where you are traveling, but we have found for Mexico and several Carribean islands that AI is the way to go. We have never been disappointed.
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    It really depends on how you like to travel.I know a lot of people love AI.  They do not mind staying at the same resort for 7 days.  They do not mind only leaving the property once or twice.  They do not mind eatting 3 meals a day at the same location(s) on property. I also get the allure of not having to pay once you get down there.DH and I are not those people.   It's just not for us.  We like to explore.  We are the type who likes to just get up and go. We have both travelled the world.   We love finding hole in the wall places to have meals.  We find AI's food to be sub-par at best.  (disclaimer:  DH is a chef so we have high food expectations).We know how to budget so the allure of not having to pay anything else is irrelvant.

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
  • We've done AI a few times and feel that it's the ONLY way to go.There is really something to be said for how nice it is to reach into your wallet while on vacation, to be able to get a drink whenever you want without thinking "man there goes $10" and to be able to just indulge in food and drink.That said, there are different levels of All Inclusives. For a regular get away, my FI and I are fine w/ the cheaper ones so long as they have good reviews b/c we figure it's just a good time and a nice relaxing get away. For a honeymoon I suggest looking into "higher end" all inclusives or something like that... places that cater toward honeymooners as opposed to families and or budget travelers..We knew we wanted AI but didn't want to go to the ones we usually go to (like the RIU chain) and we opted for Sandals and a a few nights at a fancy shmancy place (Hermitage Bay)Definitely read reviews on Trip Advisor. It will really help you make an informed decision!
  • We booked a Sandals resort in Jamaica called Sandals Inn.  THis is one of 3 or 4 Sandals resorts in Montego Bay and that give us the option to use the other sandals places as well.  SO we are staying at the cheapest one and going to play at the other ones with the extras.  Like mentioned... Sandals= no children and couples only so everything has a romantic feel. so for us our AI includes 4 resorts and like 30-something different places to eat between all the resorts... and it wont feel like we are stuck at one place.  I think this is the best combination of both worlds!!!
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