So my really close friend from HS is getting married tomorrow in Kansas City. She called me today and said, "What size shoes do you wear?" I said 10 and she was like, "we'll can you squeeze into a 9.5 for a half hour?" Turns out one of her bridesmaids who lives in Texas bailed on her TODAY!!!!! She called and asked me to take her place which I am totally excited about. We grew apart for a couple of years after highschool but have now grown close again in the last year. She was worried that I would be mad and I was like NO OF COURSE NOT! So the "ex- bridesmaid" is overnighting the dress and shoes. My friend said that the dress is a loose fitting 10 but I normally wear a 12. I am a little nervous especially because I have a huge rib cage...i'm really big around up top! :( She said its from David's, strapless, cornflower blue, not sure of the style number or anything. Have any of you girls bought a dress from David's or have maids who did. How do their sizes run! If its too small, like I can't zip it all the way up does anyone have a suggestion??? A way I can fix it in a pinch?? HELP!!!!!!!!!


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