So Excited

I am very excited. I got an appointment with a great wedding planner that was reccommended to me. I think this is just what I need to help me along. Now lets see if I can sell my FH on this idea. hmmm... not sure if I can get this one past him without him knowing about a wedding planner. LOL... Has anyone else heard of Dot The I's Events. I saw a bunch of there work and I love there centerpieces and floral decor. Let me know what you think. We shall see what Tuesdays appt brings. Have a great weekend all, even if it is crapy weather.

Re: So Excited

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    I am working with them and they are AMAZING!  They did a wedding I attended yesterday and everything was awesome. I don't think you will have to hide anything from your FI.  They are reasonably priced and do a great job.  GL and let me know how it goes!
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