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Beware Browers Photography

This is a discussion from another board that I wanted to make sure everyone was aware of on here.  Every new section is a different person's comments.  No one should have to deal with this!___________________________________________First off, Michael does a great job taking photos. I love all of my photos. He and his team were great to work with on our wedding day.  However, I would no longer recommend his services. He flat out lies regarding delivery of products. He routinely sends out e-mails saying he will not be in communication for some period of time. He often does not respond to questions. He continuously provides expected dates for delivery of certain items only to miss those dates substantially. In addition, I have serious concerns for the quality of our video. If you decide to work with him, I would demand some timelines built into your contract. My wedding was almost one year ago (August 31, 2008). My video was supposed to have its "final edit" on July 21st (11 months after my wedding). However, I haven't heard anything about it and when I emailed on Monday, I got an automatic response that he is out of the office. I know that he was going 10-10-10 interviews all day. The email said he would respond on Tuesday and today is Thursday with still no response. Because of my experience with the Browers and the comments left by other brides here and what I've heard from brides I personally know, they are a vendor I would not recommend to anyone. Wedding: Oct 18th, 2008Status: No pictures online, no videoI emailed him Sunday. We'll see if he replies. I'm really starting to get bummed out about this. Like I'll never see my wedding photos. My MIL is already talking about getting her son-in-law, who is a lawyer, involved. I don't want it to get that far, but we'll see. Also unacceptable, especially when there are so many that get them done super fast. A friend of mine used SJ Macky, & hers was on her blog within the week. I've seen several others that had them done within a month, so a year is just pathetic. Now, they did admit it would take that long....whereas Browers has done no such thing. I don't think any St. Louis Browers brides have an album or video yet. (From Browers) You shouldn't have to wait a year for your photos, even if they tell you that upfront (which is his whole problem, he doesn't). Even if they are high quality. Plenty of high quality photographers turn photos around within a month or two. He's a good photographer, but not good enough to wait a year for online proofs. An album might take a little longer, and I can maybe understand that part, but not online viewing. That's simply nuts.Future brides, no matter who you use, get a timeline in your contract. A quick-turn around does not always equate to low quality, and vice versa. He doesn't take longer because he is better; he takes longer because he is in over his head. To my knowledge the bride I work with who got married in August, 2007 still has no album (or an album proof). Get the dates in writing in your contract. He's a great photographer, and his wife is a gem, but the customer service is lacking a bit. I'm hoping he proves me wrong and gets me some photos soon, and if this happens I'll post. They've got another few weeks till the video is suppose to be delivered to me. I'm hoping that they improve with their delivery of final product, b/c they were great to work with.... Please let me know if you get your video. My wedding was 9 months before yours and I haven't gotten my video yet! I think there are a few videos between us! We used brower's for our May 31, 2008 wedding... we recieved our Dvds of photos in December 2008 but only after a few months of pushing them so that we could have photos for Christmas gifts.we recieved our proof book in March 2009we sent our list of 110 photos for our album on March 20th 2009 and STILL have NOT recieved the online proof album to view. I have sent an email about every week or every other week to them and about 10% of the time recieve responses back from him. He has promised due dates of the end of june, end of july and then that it would be posted this past Monday 8/17 and still NOTHING!!!we have awesome wedding pictures but this bad customer service has made me NOT recommend Brower's to the 10 or so brides that have asked for recommendations. I really hope that they slow down soon and start getting some of their pictures, DVDs, Videos and albums out. We have been married for 15 months and still no album!!! AHHH!!!!! Has anyone noticed his pricing lately?Can he be serious? After reading all these posts, I can't imagine how much he's raised his prices since I was looking for wedding photography and then to have the nerve not to deliver the product!! Seriously, $1000 for ENGAGEMENT?! I just hope any bride that agrees to pay that much knows his reputation for not getting product to his customers. Yikes! This is not a surprise to me. I hope he completely prices himself out of the STL market. I don't want anyone else to use him and receive the same customer service as the rest of us. If our reviews won't stop others, I hope the pricing does.  

Re: Beware Browers Photography

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    I feel for you. Contact the BBB if you haven't already. Otherwise, I'd call "Contact 2" on KTVI to see if they can help you. YOU deserve your photos and resolution NOW!! Best of Luck,Melissa
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