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New York-Long Island

Addressing envelopes for STD's...please help, girls!

Hi! ? for you guys before I start and do research - when you guys address or addressed STD's with people who live together or are bf/gf how did you address the envelopes? I'm assuming both names, but just checking. If you have time, pls let me know the proper ettiquete for addressing things!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Addressing envelopes for STD's...please help, girls!

  • jordanamnjordanamn
    edited December 2011
    You would include both names on separate lines on the envelope, with the name of the person you are primarily friends with first. Techinically, if the couple doesn't live together you are supposed to send to each separately at their own address but personally I think its OK to send the save-the-dates to one person anyway with both names on the envelope.
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