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Non-Floral Centerpieces?

For those of you who are doing restaurant receptions, are any of you doing non-floral centerpieces? I would love flowers, but I'm considering scrapping that idea to save money. Some of my thoughts are to use framed pictures, the favors, etc. Any other ideas?

Re: Non-Floral Centerpieces?

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    edited December 2011'm going to have a few vases around the suite for the bridesmaids to put their bouquets in, so they'll double as reception decor.
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    We are considering doing a small birdcage in the middle of each table with 3-4 hanging origami cranes. I got the idea from one of the Knot galleries, but I haven't been able to find it since.
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    we took pictures of hotels in vegas so that we would frame them and put them on the tables as our centerpiece.  we went to the dollar store to get the frames. 
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    I'm using candle centerpieces (PIB). We are using 1 rose for each of them, but we are planning on using silks to save $.
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    I am trying to work this idea into my decorating: in blue. I've already got the jewels and all, throwing in some Crystal garland that I got off a bride on the Trash to Treasure Board. (Gonna see about selling it myself when I am done...)Also going to put some pomanders around the suite, as we are having an insuite reception. They are doing double duty as I plan them for our ceremony as well.Also, thought about similar to above, but with colored water instead of jewels. I think Ray Ray is doing something similar. I was thinking of throwing in a mix of floating candles and freeze-dried petals in water. I can't remember where I saw something similar....
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    I'm doing vases filled with gem filler and then photo bouquets out the top.  The photos are family photos throughout the  years.  Mock-up in bio.
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    Hi Jennifer, We are doing candle centerpieces! We have 5 tables and we picked these up really cheaply when on holiday in Thailand. Might give you an idea of what could be done. There are photo's under details in my bio! I will post actual photo's of my table set up when i'm back from my honeymoon! xx
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