Just yesterday My FI and I were at Cantigny park for our E session.  I just fell in love with this park.  I would really like to go there to have our wedding pictures done but it is in march.  Has anyone been to this location in march and if so is it as pretty as it is in August?  Or does anyone have any other suggestions on indoor places to take pictures at around the south side of chicago.Thanks

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    It is NOT the same as in March as it is in the middle of summer. In March, things have barley started to bloom. Not that I dont think you could still get some great pics, but dont expect the fullness of the trees and colorful flowers. Weather in March can still be very chilly, so think about that before you plan to drag everyone around the park taking pics. We are having our wedding at Cantingy/Le Jardin May 29. When we went to Cantigny that around that date this year, everything was very green-meaning not many flowers had bloomed yet, but all the trees, bushes, etc were full and green. There were some 'spring time blooms' such as tulips and daisey here and there, but nothing like what it is during the summer and into the fall....
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