Room Block Hell - NEED YOUR ADVICE!!!

Hi ladies, Because most of my guests are coming from out of town, I did 3 room blocks in 3 different hotels (different price ranges), all very close to each other (within a 2 mile radious) and very close to my venue. The first room block was made thru my fiance's friend (who is the hotel's GM) and it is the most expensive out of the 3. So here is the dilemma... I am getting ready to send my save-the-dates and wanted to include hotel info for my guests. My fiance wants to include just the info of his friend's hotel in the STDs, and I want to include info on all 3 hotels so that guests feel like they have an option (the main reason for this is the price difference). He feels pretty strongly about this and I dont wanna create an issue where there shouldnt be one. What should I do?
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Re: Room Block Hell - NEED YOUR ADVICE!!!

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    why do 3 blocks if you're only going to tell guests about 1 of them? doesn't make much sense..i think you're thinking is right...your guests will want options espeically if the one is the most expensive.
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    Ditto brideinfall, why would you go through the trouble of having 3 if you are only going to tell guests about one of them.  How else are they supposed to know about it unless you mention it?In this case I would agree with you and not your FI.  I appreciate having a choice and a range of prices.  That way if DH and I want to splurge and stay in a suite we don't have to bother doing the research ourselves.  Or, if we just want to stay somewhere cheap, or somewhere close, etc.It sounds like your FI is basing his decision on what is best for his friend, and not best for all the guests.
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    I think you should put all 3 on there.  If I only saw the most expensive one on the STD and didn't know about the other two, I would search around for a better rate on my own and probably end up booking outside your block.  I get that your FI wants to throw his friend some business, but it's crazy to have 3 hotels blocked if you're not going to tell everyone about the other two.

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    Why are you doing room blocks at 3 hotels if you're FI only wants to notify guests about 1. That doesn't make any sense to me. As a guest, I would appreciate the option of being able to choose which hotel I stay at. If I'm spending the money to attend a wedding, I would like to save money somewhere along the line...that's just me as a guest. Of course I would never make a comment like that to a bride whose wedding I was attending, but if I found out that there were cheaper options available to me and I wasn't informed....Bad News Bears! Suggest to your FI that he put himself in his guests shoes. How would he like it if he were attending a wedding the bride/groom only told him about the most expensive hotel choice just b/c it was someone's friend. IMHO, that's tacky and rude....especially if YOU did a lot of work booking with other hotels. I would think that you and your FI did a good deed by including the friends hotel in the first place. It's up to your guests to decide, not your FI. Sorry, but that's just my opinion. I think you're right on this issue.
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    It sounds like your FI wants to "help" his friend out, but that wouldn't be in the best interest of your guests. I would give my guests options (which I am for our hotel blocks). Are you going to have a wedding website for your guests? Maybe you can put all three of the hotels on the website and just place the link on the STDs and not put any hotel info on them. HTH
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    Agree with Agua... just make a wedding website ( is great) and include all of the information. That way, you don't have to list all three (that would be a little wordy anyways IMO) and you don't have to leave them out.
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    If I were a guest and booked with your FI's friend, then found out there were room blocks at cheaper hotels, I'd be pretty upset.  Put the info for all 3 on your wedding website and let your guests choose for themselves.  You can't expect people to pay all that $$ to travel to your wedding and stay at a high-priced hotel to boot.  Not these days, anyway.  The wedding is costing them enough just to attend.  Help them save however you can.  If your FI is so keen on getting more reservations for his friend's hotel, tell him that his friend needs to lower the prices.  If the friend will match the lowest room price you got for the other 2, I definitely would consider only putting his info out there.  lol
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    I'd list all three hotel's without the pricing info - let the guests call to find out the pricing.  And to make the man happy - list his friends at the top of this list.just my 2 cents
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