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First off, Congratulations on your marriage! I noticed that your wedding was held at the Westlake Village Inn. My fiance and I are also considering  Westlake as a place to have our wedding. I was just wondering what you thought about their service overall? Did you hire their site coordinator and if you did, how was their service?    The reason I am asking is because I was on Project Wedding and read not so great reviews on the WLVI.  Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch!
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    Overall, we were very happy with the Inn. We used the on site coordinator and she did a good job with everything. The dinner service was top notch and the food was amazing! The beautiful scenery made for perfect photography backdrops too. If I were to do it all over again , I would still choose to get married at the Inn. We did have a few glitches though... We weren't let into our room at the right time to get ready even though we were promised twice that it would be fine. Front desk service was rude and unhelpful. We didn't get into the room until about an hour later, so we were down to the wire to have everyone ready in time. I made personalized votives made and they weren't set out at the reception even though they were clearly labeled. grrrrr... not sure what to do with them now. As for project wedding, I think that people are more inclined to write a review when they've had a negative experience...
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    Garavito-I am having my wedding there in February.   I was worried about the reviews I read at first to, but the place was so beautifull.  We decided to hire Tina Molina as our coordinator instead to balance some of the reviews.This way- we have someone who is focussed on our wedding, and not the other events at the location, or the hotel.  Her Day of coordinator services are about the same price as the hotels, and then you know will know you have someone who is looking out for you, and all the details for your day!Good luck in your search.
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    Thank you both for the information. I too love the place because it offers a beautiful setting for wedding pics.         Mrs. V, your pictures are beautiful! And it sounds like your wedding went off well, despite the small overlooks. USC, if I do decide to book WLVI, then I will probably look into hiring a DOC. Again thanks for the information, it was really helpful!
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