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Help! Im getting married on May 15.2010, and I can't find anyplace in Chicago's  northwest suburbs  that will allow a dog at the wedding and reception. I'm hesitent to have a completely outdoor wedding,since it's so early in the spring the weather may not cooperate. Any ideas?? thanks so much

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    not to be snarky but why on earth would you want a dog at your reception? unless it's a seeing eye dog or some other service dog that seems a bit weird to me.
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    Is this just because you don't have a sitter to watch it?  Because you could try to find a hotel that allows pets and have your reception there.  You could see if anyone (maybe a parent) could run up to the room to let the dog out to potty and feed him.  If it's a working dog (seeing eye dog, etc) then maybe the hotel would be more accommodating if they say no on the first try. If it's just because you want your dog a part of your wedding, I say think more realistically and try to choose a place that you and your human guests are going to love instead of settling for something just because you want a canine guest to be allowed.
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     I saw some girl on the national board who dressed her dog up in a wedding tux, took a picture & framed it, and then displayed it at the wedding.  I agree with the post above that you should do what accomadates your guests first and then your dog.  I know I personally wouldn't bring a pet to the ceremony/reception, but I do have friends who are HUGE dog lovers so I understand : ) If the dog is something like a seeing eye dog, I'm sure the place can make an exception.  
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    i have 3 dogs whom i refer to as my babies (and my family treats them as though they are my children), and i'm heartbroken that i cannot have them at the wedding. So instead, i included 3 pages full of photos of them in my photo guestbook. :)
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