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If we could do it all over again............

If we could do it all over again I would just rather ELOPE or at least take a full year to plan we set our wedding date only a few months out from the engagement date. We wanted a simple wedding and we are having a simple wedding but sadly I come to find out that even a simple wedding still requires a lot of planning. 33 more days to go and it just seems so unreal to me.1) The invitations are not in the mail yet they will go out first thing in the morning though. I feel bad but between getting them back late, and not having very much help to get them addressed and ready to go it was the best I could do. I think I will be the world's record for being so late but my Aunt reassured me that I'm OK. Hmmmm, really???On the positive though several things are done that still needed to get done:1) We have our cake selected and we can officially place our order in 2 weeks!!2) My wedding hairstylist is booked!!!3) My family is throwing a bridal shower for me after all I was very suprised by that I didn't think I would have one.4) The bulk of our honeymoon trip is planned we still have a few minor details to work out but the major stuff is taken care of.5) My coordinators have really stepped up at the last minute and have done an AMAZING job. 6) The wedding registry was started and almost completed. I still need to get the Jr. Bridesmaid dresses for our girls.  They are going to wear a black dress, a lot of the stores are starting to get in their homecoming dresses , this weekend with it being labor day there will be SALES and it will be the perfect time to get their dresses!!Now, if i could just lose 10 pounds by October  3 I would be extremely happy.

Re: If we could do it all over again............

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    Yeah, even simple takes lots of coordinating but you've got alot done. so go you! i'm sure it'll all come together in the end. as for that 10lbs, i'm sure your FI will love that extra poundage on your wedding nite so don't sweat it. IF you must feel skinny, cut the carbs and have lean meats and veggies and fruit. you'll feel lighter and lose a few pounds.
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    Yes, it is a lot to do, even with a simple wedding. You are doing a fabulous job with all the tasks you have completed. :-) You're almost at the finish line.
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    Yes, well I know my fiance will still love me but he has been on me a little bit lately about my weight because when we first met I was not this big. I know I need to lose weight not just for him but for me. My health is important and I don't want to end up with a disease I could have prevented because I was obese.
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    I feel you. I'm having a destination wedding, with just he and I and I'm ready for it to be over. Well its not the wedding its this AHR. You'd swear Diddy was coming the way my mother acting. Girl lose 10lbs for me too.
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    I feel you but it sounds like you have it under control.  The only thing I would change is the city the wedding is in and the number/particular person in my bridal party.  It should have been cut because most of my issue were "personnel" issues. 
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    LOL!! A small wedding is not any less stressful. We are having no more than 90 people, max 100. Without my coordinator and my mother, I'd be lost already. Don't stress, make lists and do what you can. You definitely don't want to be evil by the time you are walking down the me, I've seen it...not too pretty.
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    LOL dst10 ROFLMAO!!!!!!
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    I know how you feel but if you think about it you are almost there. It is hard but in the end result is so worth it. I pray that your day is all you want it to be and more. ***knottie hug***
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