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So Disappointing...

Elizabeth Tolley double booked my wedding date and our two weddings both had clashing times, so she isn't doing mine anymore. :( Wish I would have known this earlier than 18 days before the wedding. However, good news- she is setting me up with someone who she says is equally as good. I will hopefully have a trial with her later this week. Cross your fingers for me that I love her work equally as much! I am so glad though that Elizabeth handled this professionally and is helping me set someone else up, instead of leaving me high and dry. Disappointing, but forgivable.

Re: So Disappointing...

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    That is a bummer! But glad she handled it professionally and you will have someone new. You will look great!
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    Oh no!!!!! That sucks!!! :( Who is she setting you up with?
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    Jade Wills I think Elizabeth said she had just moved back to the Charlotte area from...??? somewhere... and that she has worked with her a lot. Either way, Elizabeth said she would set me up a hair/makeup trial with Jade (hopefully this week) at no charge to me to make sure everything is okay with me. I'm a pretty level-headed, rational person, so I'm not really upset at all. As long as the trial goes good, I won't lose a second of sleep over this! :)
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    That's a great attitude to have!! Im sure Jade will be great, if ET recommends her...
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    Yea, when ET was doing my hair and make-up this past Sunday for B-pics, she was talking about a few different artists that she recommended in case she wasn't available.  That's great that she is setting the trial up for you and its so much better for you to approach this the way you are instead of being all upset about it.  In the end it will all work out :)
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