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High Fives All Around!!!

So I confess I had a junk food binge weekend, AND I didn't work out at all on the weekend (even though I usually go both mornings).  I weighed myself after my personal training session, and I weigh the exact same as I did on Friday...YAY!  I know that I probably would weigh less if I stuck to it this weekend, but I've been good for the last 8 months.  On a "good" note, I had a salad with grilled chicken and a hard boiled egg (white only) for lunch today.  Back to the routine, I guess :-)
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Re: High Fives All Around!!!

  • I had the same thing happen, except I didn't workout at all last week, drank far more than I should have over the weekend and for once the scale was kind to me and didn't move!I think the muscle mass we're building has something to do with it, being healthy (most of the time) feels amazing!
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