Hello!I'm getting married in less than 3 weeks now, and Karen at Newberry was supposed to play the harp for the ceremony. There is a small chance now that she may not be able to play anymore :/ Does anyone have a recommendation for a harpist? (ceremony music only) I may need a backup plan.Thanks! :)

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    I had one who just cancelled on me. Otherwise I would have had a name. I did google it - came up with some names for you -
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    I highly recommend my harpist.  We used Alishia Joubert and it was really affordable.  We paid either $300 or $350 or just ceremony (includes pre and postlude too).  She was even able to learn a song by ear that I just had to have and she didn't have the music.  She's awsome.
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    Originally I had hoped to book the Harp Twins for my ceremony, but sadly they're busy on my date. For some reason I think the idea of identical twin harpists playing identical gorgeous 6'4" harps really cool and totally romantic. If they're available, they're surprisingly affordable. [url="<a href=""" rel='nofollow'>"</a>]<a href="" rel='nofollow'></a>[/url]
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    We are using Claudia Dorsch, and she is about $400 for the entire ceremony and cocktail hour. Info in BIO
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    I booked ALishia and she cancelled, she is moving out of state, so that wont work
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