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Must be nice...

I figure it's about time for more furbaby pictures.

Yes, that's a big orange cat on our dining room table saying "Rub mah belleh, Mom!"

Yes, she's sleeping between the couch cushions ON HER BACK.

Re: Must be nice...

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    If only kitties would let you use them as pillows!  They look sooo comfy and cuddly.

    From our weekend at the beach a bit ago

    Doggy Smiles  (They know that a car ride means that we are going somewhere fun and generally, off-leash!)

    And after being off-leash at the beach

    And yes, Klaus is HUGE.  He was a little over 3 months old in these pics.
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    AW!  I love furry friends!!! You guys have such cute babies!

    My roommate has a dog named Noah and the kitten is my Piper.  This was last year when they were still babies =)

    And they still sleep on each other like this...they are too cute, if I do say so myself!

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    Aww the dining room table drink, we are familiar.  Cute pets.
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    Actually my roommate's cat, but he gravitated to me a lot (probably because I'm the one who remembered to feed him 80% of the time).

     He loved his ramen box...that was when he was tiny, last May.

    Now that he's all big and growed up. Still a cutie.
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    I think my fiance was playing accordion...
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    Wow, Klaus really is a big boy! He's still got that puppy belly, though! :)

    And I love accordion kitty, that's hilarious!
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    Yay! I'm so glad you made this thread!

    This is Jack

    This big baby is Maddie - I lurves her but she is so hard to get to sit still for a picture!

    Here's Sascha

    And our newest addition to the family is Apollo - he just wants to cuddle : )
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    Aww, Sapphire! You have such a big family! Laughing
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    holy cow Klaus is gettin' BIGGG!!

    Here is Molly with the bone she stole from her friend "big dog" (my parent's lab/pitbull mix)

    And here's Mikey just sayin' hi

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    I love all my babies! Maddie and Apollo are new but we've had Jack and Sascha for awhile. We got Maddie from my Dad because he wants to do more traveling coming up and he just can't afford to board her all the time so we said we'd take her and Apollo we adopted a few weeks ago - he is such a cuddle bug!!

    Mutley - Klaus is huge!!

    Zane - I love when kitties play in boxes - it' so adorable!!
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