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When to look for dress???

Ladies, I have been sort of slacking on wedding planning since we are having our reception at the Toledo Zoo and they include/ do a lot for you! I looked at the checklist here on the knot and it claims I should be out shopping for my wedding dress, and I have not even gone to one store yet... nor have I really looked at much online to see what I like, I am more interested in flowers and cake!!! When did you start looking/ buy? I have just over 9 months until our wedding day! PLEASE HELP!!!! Thanks!

Re: When to look for dress???

  • SarahNTylerSarahNTyler member
    edited December 2011
    I think you should look now!!! But I think it's really up to you...My wedding isn't till 2011 and I already bought mine!  I wasn't going to, but my mom kept pushing me to just go and try some on for fun...I tried 2 on and fell head over heels in love with the 2nd one.  I was really nervous about gettign it so soon, but I was even more nervous it wouldn't still be there when I decided it was time.  Its perfect for me, it's simple and plain and I love IT...I'm just not allowing myself to look at dresses online anymore or go anywhere near Davids Bridal...hahaha!
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    Hello, date twin! : )I got mine a while ago, but I was really early on it.  I went to David's Bridal.  While I have heard some bad things about there, I had a really great experience.  They have tons of different styles to try on, so you can try on lots of different things and start zoning in on what it is that you like.  It's nice too that they have dresses in a range of sizes so that you can get more of a feel as to what it will look like for real.  Also, their dresses don't take a ton of time to come in once ordered.I didn't try on wedding dresses there, but I know a lot of people go to Atlas Bridal on Monroe Street as well.I went on non-Saturday days, which was nice because there weren't a million people in the store.  Sorry that got so long!
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    I think you might want to get out and start looking. I finally found my dress with about 7 months left and I had to rush order it. It came in two weeks ago, so I have 8 weeks to get my alterations. I also needed to wait to get my dress until I got my shoes, veil, undergarments etc... Its rushed and I'm stressed. So if you can, find it earlier.  And try on a lot, because it can be really fun! Good Luck!!
  • britndavidbritndavid member
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    yes, look ASAP! my wedding is in 9mths also! havent purchased anything yet but i am doing aloooottttt of looking! :)
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  • nyreknyrek member
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    I guess I don't see the huge hurry. My wedding isn't until July. I went and found a gown I liked early this summer...but only did that in case we'd have to move up our wedding date last minute. (Long story.) Well...I did find a dress I like better, but realistically you only need 6-8 weeks for your alterations, and every shop tells you it may take 3-4 months to get your dress in. Worst case scenario, as long as you have your dress ordered at the 6 month mark...you'll be fine. I'm not even worrying about going to try on the other dress until at least November. I figure I can wait and order it after first of year...and will be fine. That gives me several months to get the undergarments and shoes and whatnot. If you're still 9 months out, you may want to start getting ideas of what you want...but you've got a few months still. Don't stress...I've never yet come across a bride who didn't have a dress for her wedding.
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  • angelis2qtangelis2qt member
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    June 12, 2010 here and I already purchased my dress. There is nothing wrong with starting to look now and finding the one. Soon is good just by December is when you should have your dress ordered, in time for alterations if need be.
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    Just remember that if you go to Atlas(which I highly reccommend over Davids), different designers have different ordering times. I was originally going to order a Maggie dress, and was told I would have to order it about 9 months before the wedding. I ended up getting a Alfred Angelo(which I loved) and only had to order it 6 months out. It really depends on the designer...so you may want to start looking here soon!!!

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