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((((((CAllING ALF DALLAS21)))))))))

Hey chic....just wanted you to  know I am reading your email now about the went to my spam for some reason so ill get back to you on it.

Re: ((((((CAllING ALF DALLAS21)))))))))

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    not a problem at all girl -- BTW, I saw your Alter Ego pics on FB and you were just too FLY!!...loved it!!!  :)
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    Girl yeah they came out pretty cool and I still have a few more to add. but the pics were fun and again, they turned out pretty well for me to be a "regular" chic... You see me rocking my "natural"?? Different from those wedding pics huh?
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    yes I did see you in your "natural" and I must say it really does look wonderful on you but you're a cute girl anyway, so you could probably rock a baldie and still look fly!  :)
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    Thanks girl you to much.  
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