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I have a friend who's a wedding planner who was going to be my day of coordinator for my newberry wedding, but now she's decided she just wants to be "a guest" my question - do i even need a DOC at the newberry OR can i trust the Karens to fulfill that role and make sure everything runs smoothly? thanks!

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    ughhm, good question?!? Who is your caterer? can they help at all with setting up, etc. day of? I was married there earlier this month and I did not have a doc however my family did ALOT of the setting up/taking down, etc. I didn't find the Karens to be all that helpful to be honest, actually some of the things we dropped off to them earlier were still locked in their office and until my father asked for them specifically. But that's just my experience. So I suppose it depends on who else you have helping out. I don't think they will take care of all of our little details though.
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    Food Evolution is our caterer - i'm hoping they'll be helpful... i'm just kind of nervous now 'cause i was depending on my friend for a lot and now she seems only to want to help "a little"...
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    I had a wedding reception at the Newberry. I did not have a DOC, but had a "set up team" put into place. The Karens didn't do very much. I can give you more specifics if you need it: angeliu27 at gmail dot com. If you need help, I'd be willing to help, I'm going through wedding withdrawal. ;)
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    I'm glad you posted this, my wedding is at the Newberry in October and I originally didn't think I needed a DOC, both because the Karens would be there and because my caterer says she also acts as a DOC.  But I just recently decided that there are way too many details to rely on the Karens and my caterer (who should be concentrating on the food!) to get them all done.  So I am in the process of interviewing DOCs.The responses here are making me feel better about my decision, because I have really been going back and forth! 
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    Hi, we are having our wedding there next year and are using Simply Elegant catering - and our caterer was a wedding planner once and offers her wedding coordination services as part of the package. 
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    i guess what i'm worried about is who is going to set up the card/gift table, the escort card table, put my DIY centerpieces on the table? i definitely don't want to have to worry about this stuff on the day of...
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    If you are worried about the gift table and the escort cards, the Karens aren't going to do it. But you might want to see if your florist or a relative will help you out. Do you really want to spend several hundred dollars for a DOC to set up those two tables and watch the gifts?
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    I think it's kind of scary to expect a vendor who isn't a DOC to be responsible for their own job and the extra details. I'm in the process of interviewing DOC's right now. You want someone who can manage the entire day, not a person who is responsible for making sure the catering is on time and the table and chairs are set up, also making sure your florist arrives to the reception (or the church for that matter) or to make sure your hair and makeup is running on schedule. I used to be an on-site coordinator at a special events venue. AN ON-SITE COORDINATOR IS NOT A WEDDING PLANNER!!!! They are too busy with their own job to do your extra stuff.
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