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I hate panic Attacks!!!

I had 2 while on the honeymoon. I started having them about six months ago. I had one every couple weeks so I really didn't worry too much about it. This time I had 2 within days of each other. The first one was Sunday. We were going through the life vest drill on the cruise ship. We were in an open hallway with our life vests on and I just couldn't breathe and started getting dizzy. They pulled me out and let me stand on the other wall away from all the people around me and it went away.The second was on Thursday. We were on Stone Island in Mazatlan and we were having a blast in the water jumping up over the large waves and it just hit me. I couldn't breathe, so I started to swim to shore. These suck! I never want to have another panic attack again. I don't even know whats causing them yet. I have an idea but I want to wait and talk to my doctor first.
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Re: I hate panic Attacks!!!

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    The doctor is going to give you pills which can make it worse. Talk to a therapist also!
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    It was my first cruise but the drill was actually really calm. I think it had more to do with being back in a corner with a ton of people surrounding me.I was in the water for 3 hours before the attack happened. I had been doing the same thing all 3 hours so for it to come on when it did just didn't make much sense to me.
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    I tend to do better if I'm exercising a lot and I sometimes take Calms Forte which is an herbal supplement that helps me to calm down -my coworker recomended it & I've been using it ever since when I get anxious or have trouble fallling asleep. It is a barley extract -apparently barley is calming! It also helps me if I don't drink before bed for some reason.I hope it goes away soon -probably residual from the wedding stress. I had a really stressful time several years ago in a work situation -my first time with panic- I had it for a while after I got a new job, but it went away within a month or so of starting the new job.
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