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Inro and a few questions

Hey Ladies! My name is Dina I am from south Texas and my wedding is April 17, 2010. I am mexican and so is my fi, we have been together for 10 years and have 2 kids together so we are doing things a little backwards but oh well. My questions are 1. Who should be the padrinos of the lazo? 2. Also who should the the padrinos of the dimes?

Re: Inro and a few questions

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    Hi Dina, welcome to the board & congrats on being with FI for 10 years that's beautiful! Sorry can't help with the question, we are not having padrinos. Happy planning!
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    Hay chica yo no se exactly what are the padrinos of the dimes or lazo. But in Puerto Rico we have un padrino y una madrina for the wedding. They're usually close friends (best friends) or family... Think about the people surrounding you, who deserves that position? Who you want to be part of your wedding in that way? Pick someone that 10 years from your wedding day you wont say "They were our close friends and now we dont talk to them".... So thats Why I would pick family! They're always there! Good luck!
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    Congratulations on your wedding! The padrinos de lasso that we chose for our wedding is my FI's brother and wife, who have been together for years and have a strong relationship. I beleive that when choosing any padrinos for your ceremony it should be a couple who has a been together for a long time, has a strong foundation, and who is close to you and your FI.  That's just my opinion.  By 'dimes' do you mean 'arras'... We chose my aunt and uncle, and for the sames reasons as the above.  They've been together for a long time, we're close to them, and they have a strong relationship.  HTH!
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    I am Mexican and not having the traditional padrinos/madrinas.  We purchased everything on our own.  For presentation during the ceremony I am thinking of choosing a close Tia (widowed) and my Nino (not married) or my Nina y Nino OR my FI's Titi and Tio.
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    Hi, it can be anyone you want and close to. We are having our siblings do it!
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    Hi Dina, Congrats I'm getting married the same day and also and from  Texas. Well anyways my parents say its usually the brides padrinos form baptism for the lazo but since i didn't know mine that well its will be my close uncle and his wife. For my arras it will be up to whichever one of my aunts wants to do it. Hope this helps.
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