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Invitation wording!

Can you share your invitation wording with me PLEASE. I am looking for wording for a friend who is getting married at parents backyard!!! TIA

Re: Invitation wording!

  • We got married in my mom's backyard and our invites said:Together with their parentsBride and Groomrequest the pleasure of your companyat their wedding ceremony and celebration.Saturday the twenty-fifth of JulyTwo-thousand and nine at four o'clockIn the family meadow123 Our StreetOur Town, Our StateFeast and Merriment to FollowMost people got the hint that the whole thing would take place on a lawn and they dressed accordingly, including no heels for the ladies. We also reminded people via website updates and word of mouth that it was a meadow and it wouldn't have a "floor".
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  • We had something similar. It just said: The FI FAMILY Home Town Name and Zip DD also has a website that gives further information..plus plenty of 'word of mouth'. :o)
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