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South Carolina March 8, 2014 Too Cold????

Am I nuts to have an outdoor ceremony (inside reception) March 8 in Charleston?  Will I freeze my guests and be shivering in my photos? HELP! If I don't take this date, I might have to push the wedding to Fall 2014 (which is quickly filling up quickly!)

Re: South Carolina March 8, 2014 Too Cold????

  • March can go either way, but I think it's much better to go with early March than choose a date during hurricane season!
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  • Very true!! Thanks so much!!

  • We are doing the 22nd in NJ, outdoor ceremony. My plan is to put a basket out with little blankets or shaws for the ceremony. My venue in indoor but it does have a heated deck with fireplaces for the cocktail hour and a outdoor fire pit area! I'm excited for a March wedding, I think it will be perfect!
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  • I love your basket of blankets idea!! Very cute!
  • That's a great idea!  We're doing March 29 up in Sussex County, and it's always about 5 degrees colder up there than where I live.  
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  • More than the cold I'm worried about having enough time for pictures before the sun goes down. My ceremony and reception is at the same place so I can't have a gap between so ceremony is going to have to be at like 5.
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  • Would you be opposed to doing pictures before the wedding? I'm planning to take pictures before and have my ceremony around 4:00 in order to avoid that same dilemma.
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  • I don't know yet, I kind of don't want him to see me before the actual ceremony. I've thought about picture before the ceremony but I'm on the fence....
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