Wedding Ceremony and Reception Booked!!

I use this site all of the time for reference but I've only posted once!! I figured I'd join the bandwagon and share the accomplishments of having booked our ceremony and reception sites!! It's such an exciting feeling and besides family, this seemed like the best way to share!!! We're all set with the Marquee in Hartford as our reception site and Asylum Hill Congregational Church in Hartford for our ceremony!! I couldn't be happier with our choices!!! 

I have an appointment on Friday with Shanon Elizabeth Flowers. That's the next thing I'd like to check off!! 

Feels good to check things off our checklist!! Wink

Re: Wedding Ceremony and Reception Booked!!

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    The ceremony and reception sites are huge checks, congratulations! Good luck with everything

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    congrats & welcome! the venue(s) is a huge check, it does feel good to get that nailed down! when is your wedding date?
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    It does feel good!! It's also a very exciting feeling! The big day is August 25, 2012! 
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    That is sooo exciting!!! Congrats! We are getting married the weekend before you at the Gershon Fox Room!! We will have to share ideas! What great checks!
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    Congrats! The Marquee is awesome. We are getting married there April 28, 2012! We will all have to share ideas.
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    Congrats!! Those are huge checks and makes everything seem more real and exciting!!
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    anathan5: It's so funny that you found me on here! We actually inquired about August 18th because we got engaged last August 18th and wanted to get married on that date!! Lol. We picked the 25th though and we're happy to have a new date to celebrate now. I'd love to share some ideas! 

    To the rest of the Marquee Brides: Sharing ideas sounds great!! 
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