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October 2013 - Introduction!

Hello fellow knotties!!! I just wanted to pop in and say hello!! I got engaged last month and have been slowly planning away!!! 

I've already booked our wedding planner, reception venue, photobooth (only because they gave an AMAZING deal), and photographer! I finally settled on colors last week: deep purple, light (maybe blush) pink, and a light grey! I've changed my mind over the colors 3 times already, so hopefully these stick! :P

I've been thinking about ceremony and save the dates! We're also doing out engagement picture in June :) Other than that, my planner put us on a little planning break right now because we're so far in advance and says we will pick  up speed at the end of summer! What are you knotties working on this far out? How far are you guys booking things? 

Thanks and happy planning!!!

Re: October 2013 - Introduction!

  • Sounds like you are on a roll!!
    We have only secured the date for our venue...we actually have our tasting tonight. If that goes well then we will be signing the contract.
    We also have our photographer in mind.  He is here on TK and I actually used to work with him so he's going to give us a great deal.  He does very nice work so its a win/win!  I'm just now looking into other vendors.  I know October is a popular month here in Jersey so I don't want to wait to long to secure vendors.  But I dont want to do things TOO far in advance and then just sit around for the next year!  lol

    Oh and I have decided on my BM's.  My fiance has mostly decided on his GM's.

    We're also buying a house this year so wedding planning is more in the back of my mind right now lol. 

    Congrats on your engagement!!!!  Laughing
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  • Welcome and Congrats!


  • We got engaged on April 22nd and have only decided on a date. We have a problem with what state to get married in. My friends and family are in AZ his friends and family are in UT. My dream wedding would be in AZ, but he wants to be in UT. Help?
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