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I know this has been posted somewhere before...

but, I am wanting to make a picture book for our grandparents and parents.  I'm not necessarily looking for Wedding Album quality if that makes sense, but I definently want the quality to look good.  I'm also not wanting to spend a fortune on each book, since I need to make 4 of them.  Plus I am wanting to make one for me, and one of our honeymoon, so a grand total of 6 photobooks.  I have researched the prices and sizes of shutterfly, snapfish, mypublisher, mixbooks, kodak gallery, picaboo, and blurb.  Right now, I am thinking I am wanting to do the linen cover with the di-cut window compared to the solid picture on the front. 

It appears that mixbook doesn't have that many options of photobooks, and that Shutterfly. Kodak Gallery and mypublisher seem to be more expensive than picaboo or snapfish.

I'm looking for pros and cons of these different companies to help me decide on where to make my photobook.

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Re: XP: Photobooks

  • I used Blurb to make a book of our wedding for my mom for Mother's Day.  I also used Blurb for our guest book and a B-pic album.  I always do the image wrap cover.  Since it's the only company I have used, I'm not alot of help but I loved the way they all turned out.  I have a review of my wedding book in my married bio with some pics (at the end, after my review of my album).
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