Lodging in Jackson for wedding trip

Not that FI and I have any set plans for our new elopement, but Jackson Hole is not off the table even though we cancelled our full wedding there back in March.

I thought of getting married at the Wedding Tree or Schwabachers, then having a lovely, fancy dinner and then stay at a nice lodging for a couple nights.  We like maybe rustic over modern, something that isn't full of tourists, personalized service would be nice since our wedding, etc. 

I've usually camped when I've gone to JH! 

I think Teton Village is out.  We didn't like it there.  Too many big hotels.

So Amangani is obviously the fancy place, but I think it's too fancy/modern for us.

Jenny Lake Lodge seems great - intimate, personal experience, rustic and tucked away - but it is pricey.  Includes your 5 star dinners and breakfasts though.  Plus free bikes, canoe rentals.  Hot tubs at the suite cabins. 

Jackson Lake Lodge just seems too big and I read not very personal.  Like big bus tours some there.  Plus far away from town if we want to eat elsewhere.

Rustic Inn and Spa and the Rusty Parrot seem nice, but you're not looking at the Tetons.

Spring Creek Ranch?  I haven't visited up there yet.  Seems like a huge complex?

Dornans - well I had 6 cabins purchased for my actual wedding.  Not sure I'd try for them for our wedding trip.  I want to be spoiled a little more, not cook all our own meals.  Plus you have to clean up your own room and take out the trash I read.

Re: Lodging in Jackson for wedding trip

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    That sounds like a fun plan, I'm so glad to see you planning!

    Spring Creek isn't too incredibly huge. I would check out the condos at Love Ridge at Snow King. We stayed there the night before the wedding (me & the girls) and just H and I after the wedding. It had great views. It's not super fancy but it's also not as expensive as the fancier ones. 
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    LOL!  Well it's more like fake, distraction planning!
  • Ha ha! Whatever gets you through the day :) It's more amusing than some things you could/should be doing!
  • SCR is definitely a large complex, but it's not huge and too built up in my opinion.  I am getting married there in 24 days so plenty of pics to come.  The staff is really easy to work with, but I do have to say it is expensive!  Despite its cost, I personally think it will be well worth it though.  Definitely will post pics when we get back from our honeymoon so you can check it out!
  • 24 days?? eek! Can't wait to see the pictures!
  • Oh goodness.  My daddy died on June 1st.  I was able to fly home in time.  He was waiting for me.  I wrote a long post on the Etiquette board.
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    Shannon, I'm so sorry. I'm so glad you were able to fly home in time to be with him. We were with my dad at home too when he passed - if it had to happen, I'm glad it was in the way that your dad wanted. It's very obvious he knew he was loved. I'm so sorry you lost him when he was so young.

    I read your other post, love the pictures. One of my favorite pictures of my dad is also on his motorcycle (Indian) in his heyday. It's good to remember the fun they had.

  • Sorry for the late reply ... I was just in town and stayed at Jenny Lake Lodge and was very nice.
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