August 2014 Weddings

Decided on August 2014 date-Already insane drama

So excited to share this wedding month with you guys :D

I have been engaged for almost a month now and have only had maybe 2 days of our families being happy for us... They are already fighting about how the ceremony and reception will be-- Ceremony problems since my family is so strictly catholic and his jewish and both not willing to compromise, which is unfortunate because we both want them to be involved and be pleased with out wedding. We are both first kids for both of our parents so extra pressure there.

Then reception drama since Im fully albanian and hes fully russian and we each have our own cultural music/dances/traditions

Sorry I just had to rant for a little haha..... Best of luck to you all and I am sure we will all get excited about eachothers weddings :)

Re: Decided on August 2014 date-Already insane drama

  • Congratulations!

    Sorry to hear about crazy family drama. I hope everything works out for you guys!! I'm sure it will be wonderful.
  • Congrats on you engagement and sorry to say honey but this is just the beginning....but dont let the drama get you down..just know this your the day for you and your future hubby and the rest well hey they can take the back seat and sit down LOL

    Lilypie - H1jI

    Daisypath - MFL5

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