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Friday memorial day weekend???

I was thinking of booking a venue on the North Fork for a Friday wedding because it was cheaper, but after visiting I found out the Friday of memorial day weekend is even cheaper. Do you think that would just be a mess with traffic?

Re: Friday memorial day weekend???

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    I think your guests might be upset because a) OOT planes fares will be higher and b) they'll have to take extra time off of work. Could you do the Sunday evening of memorial day? My cousin is doing that and we won't have to take any time off of work, which makes paying for a plane fare that is a little higher more manageable.
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    Personally, I'm not a fan of holiday weekend weddings in general. Putting that aside, I think traffic would be a NIGHTMARE. Friday night, rush hour, holiday weekend in NY is scary. I'm dreading the traffic on my Friday night wedding and it's not a holiday.
  • scoobyd266scoobyd266
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    I think it depends on what your situation is. If things are tight and the savings is a big deal to you then go for it. The people who are most important to you will find a way to be there, traffic or not.
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  • jordanamnjordanamn
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    I agree with all of this - there WILL be horrific traffic for sure, and plane fares will def be higher, btu if this is what you want to do you should go for it and everyone who really matters will come.
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    Believe it or not the season doesn't really kick in until after school is out for summer vacation. Many vendors wish to start off their season on a positive note therefore you can get a great deal. If it's an out door wedding the evenings can be a bit cool. Which venue and vendors are you considering? Check out the Old Field in Southold. You have both view of the bay and vineyards. Also east end entertainment.
  • alithebridealithebride
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    LOL so I don't care about the couple and it's assumed that they're not important to me because i've already used my vacation days on my multi-week europe trip and after i leave my office, get home, shower and dress and fight n traffic for hours I don't get there until 9pm? no. that's a pretty amazing statement-that those who think it's important enough will make it there.of course every wedding is important-but you also have to realize-planning a friday on a holiday weekend when the massive exodus to the hamptons starts that people will be late. dh and I have 2 vacations booked for next year already-2.5 weeks in italy and 1.5 week in mexico. we're out of vacation time so i can't take another day for your wedding. i'd get there super late.if you want to (or HAVE to) have it on a holiday weekend please consider sunday or monday. friday after work sucks.


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    While some folks make a good point, at the end of the day it's about your wedding to start off your new life together - it shouldn't be all about the party.Now, do you have a lot of OOT or is most everyone here?  If there are only a few OOT, then I'd say go for it.  Give everyone at least 6 months heads up vis save-the-date, and folks won't (or shouldn't) have a problem getting the day off.  And since they will know ahead of time, they can factor in for travel traffic (as any guest would do regardless of the weekend).Money is tight these days and if we're talking a huge diff pp, add the tax, etc., if Friday works then I say do it.  If you become swayed by others, however, then I'd look into a Sunday, which should be cheaper than Saturday but probably about comparable to Friday.  GL.
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