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Invites to watch the live webcast?

We are getting married at the Wynn, and I believe there is a live webcast of the ceremony.We are having a very small wedding, just our mothers and my son.Has anyone send an invitation or save the date to "invite" people to watch the wedding live online?  I feel like it would be a nice way to include family & friends who are dissapointed that we are not having a local wedding.Any fun ideas on how to do it?  Magnets, mouse pads, deck of cards?  Thanks!

Re: Invites to watch the live webcast?

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    Hmmm I hadn't thought to do that. I was thinking of extending the viewing time of our ceremony to 30 days and then posting a link to it in our website. We're sending out wedding announcments after the wedding with a link to view the wedding photos....I was thinking of linking the ceremony to that. I've seen some girls on here send a post card with a personalized poker chip in the middle as their save the dates....that could be a cute way to announce the webcast.
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    We're doing an AHR, so the information about either the live webcast or the video of the ceremony (depending on what my videographer can swing, we're doing it in-suite) will go out with those invitations.  I'm still trying to figure out wording, but that's a different problem.If you've got the budget for it, I think a deck of cards would be a really fun way to do it.
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    We included a "Toast from afar" card with the invitation. It gave the specifics of the website and how to log in and watch. We included this in our pocket fold, and printed lots of extras to hand out too. Friends LOVE them!!!
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    Thanks ladies :)  All good ideas, I will have to put them by my FH. I'll also contact the hotel and see if they have the bandwith in case a number of people try to watch!
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    Hi, We're putting the info on Save the dates and invitations for family to watch online as its only the two of us going to Vegas. x
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