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I was wondering if anyone knew of a place where you can have both an indoor ceremony and indoor wedding. I want to have a winter wedding, and ideally stay at the same site.

Re: Winter Location Question

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    The site for Mahan's has some gorgeous pictures of winter weddings also if you book dec -march they give you a honeymoon package.My venue, A Villa Louisa, does have indoor ceremony locations and they are fabulous! or click on my non pro picsGuess it depends where you are in the state.
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    What are you looking at?
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    I second Mahan's...and just wanted to say GREAT wedding's my birthday!!
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    I got married at Villa Bianca in Seymour they have a chapel on the property you can get married in and the hall.  It was great, I highly recommend it.
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    so does the aquaturf ..they have a chapel..
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    Yes, AquaTurf has the Chapel in the Pines onsite and then multiple rooms to select from for having your reception in. (We're having ours in the Wagon Room). Check out their website - they have video tours you can watch to get an idea of the grounds / room layouts if you have never been on their property. They're in central CT.
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    Hey there! You should definitely check out the New Haven Lawn Club. I'm getting married there and am also having a winter wedding (December 10, 2011 to be exact) and the location couldn't be more beautiful! They have two or three different rooms that your ceremony can take place in and the flow for everything is great. Your ceremony is held in one room, cocktail hour in another, and dinner in their ballroom. Not to mention, they decorate the club beautifully for Christmas and on top of live trees and wreaths throughout the building, each room has a different color scheme! I'm sure if you set up an appointment you could see pictures of how pretty it all looks.
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    i third mahan's.  i went to a winter wedding there in December 2007 and it was fabulous.  it had just snowed (although i must is kind of out of the way in a residential area and it would be difficult to get to if it was actually snowing!).  the grounds were absolutely gorgeous though.  they have a chapel for the ceremony and then a big hall with a fireplace and such for pictures.i'd also recommend Grassy Hill in derby.  a friend of mine had her wedding there this past january.  again, gorgeous in the winter.  it was still all decoracted for the holidays, and it has an old-barn type feel...i LOVED it for a winter wedding...
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    I"m getting married at the lawn club too, but the various rooms is a great plus, I think you can even still have sepraate rooms for the ceremony, cocktails and reception. winter wedding for me too! 11/27/10 good luck!
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    i fourth mahans! im getting married there on the 27th, we are planning for outdoors, but the chapel is our backup- it really is as gorgeous as the pictures show it to be! they include a TON of stuff for the prices, and if you pick either the stations dinner or the sitdown dinner during the wintertime, you get a honeymoon included as well, so def check it out!
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    we're getting married january 2, 2010 and we looked at: Mahan's...very beautiful, and it was a very close second place. FI and I were both in love with it, but it freaked me out too much if it snowed and people couldnt get there. It seemed like the roads werent the type that get plowed first. Woodwinds: also beautiful...they have two rooms, and if you wouldnt need them to open it up for one, they can do your ceremony in the other room. One room was nice, and we could have had the ceremony right in front of the fireplace. I think they charge a ceremony fee. Cascade: we ended up going with cascade because they have a great winter wedding package that really went well with our budget. we were also able to negotiate the price by $15 pp if we took the 2nd instead of another weekend...which worked out to be quite a bit of money. i also loved the high ceilings and chandaliers that reminded me of sparkly snowflakes. They also have a room downstairs that you can have the ceremony in. You can also absolutely negotiate on the ceremony fee. Origionally it was $1000 for the ceremony fee, and then by the end he was down to $300...but we decided to go with a church ceremony anyways. HTH, and GL!
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    Avon Old Farms Hotel has a beautiful indoor area for ceremony and reception.  Plus, guests can all stay overnight.  Good if the weather turns snowy and people don't want to drive, even if local.
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    I looked at a bunch for my December 31, 2009 wedding. We considered Mahans, it was gorgeous and have GREAT deals, but they host their own new years eve party so they didn't have the date available for us. They have winter wedding deals that include a free honeymoon to a location of your choice, they include the dj and limo too.We also looked at Cascade but because it was a holiday, they wouldn't work the price with us. We found  the Marquee in Hartford that has the ceremony inside and its an old location with history and its so different. Its classy and has old hollywood feel.Check out my inspiration website for pictures of the venue:
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