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Pearl River Hilton

Is anyone using the Pearl River Hilton as their hotel for guests?  I saw a post earlier about getting a free shuttle with 15 rooms booked and we were not offered that deal.  I am starting to wonder what else people are getting included.- Did they offer you a shuttle?- Are you getting the bridal suite free?- What is your room rate?Thank you!

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    I'm pretty sure Natasha (missnyc/mrsnyc - not sure) got married there
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    I used them for my OOT hotel, they do not offer anything that the other hotels in other areas offer but were most convenient for my reception and was the most beautiful hotel I ever saw.I loved staying there, I truly felt like a queen and they took very good care of us.I got my shuttle through TBT and booked a hospitality suite for the girls to get hair/makeup done in (BEST decision ever).We also booked their private room looking out onto the golf course for brunch the next day that was so lovely.I think our rate was $149I have reviews and info in my bio, feel free to ask me any other questions.
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