Hi Chrissy,I posted a message previously about loving the Horizon color you used for your wedding. I will be using that color for Bridesmaid dresses and ties for the men. Do you have anything (decorations, etc) in the blue color you want to sell?Just checking!Thanks!

Re: Chrissy3321

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    I was just thinking about doing my for sale bio as I laid on the couch last night, but didn't!We had the blue attire to balance out all of the pink decor.  So, no - sorry!
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    i wondered about that! we will be using a lot of yellow for flowers, decor, etc, but we'll probably bring a little bit of the blue in to the decor mix as well. thanks anyway!
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    Yea, it's just so much easier to find pink things.  We used blue ribbon and blue on the printed reception stuff to add it in though.Good luck!
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