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So my fiance and I started a new diet to prep us for engagement photos/wedding attire fittings, etc etc.. Also, we're just trying to be healthier.  He has a co-worker who has had a lot of sucess on the primal blueprint diet and we've started it. Has anyone else done this?  I miss eating bread..

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    Typically fad diets that deprive you of entire food groups are successful in the short term and disasterous in the long term - once you incorporate that food back into your diet, you gain the weight back. A healthy, balanced diet has a mix of carbs (from various sources, including grain), fat and protein, and you need a certain percentage of each in order for your body to function properly. It seems that is addressed in the diet breakdown, but the information it is accompanied with is so misleading. If you cut out foods you enjoy eating, you will binge later - if you learn portion sizes and work small amounts into your diet, you will be able to maintain your diet for a long period of time without binging.
  • Is this like the Paleo diet?  Along the lines that we should eat what our paleolithic ancestors ate?

    If you're planning on making a lifelong diet change, I've seen some good things said about the paleo diet. 

    As a shortterm "fix" anything that restricts what you're eating, as Nebb said, will only lead to weight gain once you stop.

    You'd do better to figure out how much you should be eating for your size and weight loss goals (using Sparkpeople, the Daily Plate or something similar) and tracking calories and exercising regularily.
    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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