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Ok, so I can't stop thinking about cake now.  And, Amber has gotten that stupid song stuck in my head. Cold Stone makes ice cream cupcakes now.  You can get 6 for $9.99!  Guess where I am going today?  Haha!

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    mm i love cold stone but i havent tried their cupcakes.

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    I heard about that and Jon called/went in to every cold stone in the area trying to track down the red velvet ones. He finally found them and they weren't that great.. they were good, but I think it'd be better in chocolate or a normal flavor like cake batter. Let me know what flavor you get!
  • sdkissezsdkissez member
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    Not just anyone can make red velvet cake. I think I'm going to stick to vanilla there with some kind of chocolate ice cream.  We'll see when I get there.
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    Mmm sounds so good! You should call in advance because while trying to surprise me, he learned that they sell out really quickly. He'd go to a store and they'd be completely out and offer to make them in a few hours. Just so you don't make a waste of a trip.
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    no more cake talk! I've been eating cake since Saturday and I can't stop.

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  • sv4338sv4338 member
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    OMG! I totally forgot about Cold Stones cupcakes!I want some!!!I was good at lunch I got 2 chicken taco's a salad and a water bottle
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    Cold Stone's yellow cake is my favorite flavor. All of our flavors are shipped in, so we don't actually make them there. =( My favorite Cold Stone cupcake is the Sweet Cream with the yellow cake, layer of fudge, sweet cream ice cream and the duo mistral on top. They should also do custom cupcake combos if they have enough notice. Ahhh I've had a sweet tooth right now and Ty just went to retrieve some cheesecake lol.
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