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Stolen from my local...Philosophy/Sephora deal!

Just read about a good mini Philosophy Gift Set for $5 shipped. It'd make a great stocking stuffer, or a gift for a co-worker, daycare provider, aunt/niece/cousin, etc...

Go to

Search for "grace me with a kiss"

It should pull up a $5 gift set that contains:
2oz Inner Grace shampoo/body wash
2oz Amazing Grace buffing wash
1/2oz Kiss Me lip balm

The lip balm alone is usually $15. 2oz of the washes isn't much, but it'd be a nice small gift for someone... they'd make for great travel!

Enter code "SHIP4FREE" for free shipping.

Plus, you get free samples when you check out. :-)

Re: Stolen from my local...Philosophy/Sephora deal!

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