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Looking for outdoor reception

I'm looking for something that I thought would be pretty simple. I love all of the garden wedding pics I see. I just want to be able to rent a pretty, outdoor space. I was thinking of even a vineyard or even a barn..the wedding is going to be very casual and fun. I want to be able to bring in our own vendors and caterer. Does anybody know of anywhere like this? My research just keeps bringing me to places that have outdoor receptions but you have to do the whole wedding package. I appreciate any info! 

Re: Looking for outdoor reception

  • A lot of outdoor spaces like you are mentioning charge a site fee and you have to bring in your own tables and chairs and things as well as your own catering and food. It may end up being more expensive than a traditional wedding venue.

    A lot of wedding venues have amazing outdoor spaces- Woodlands, Fox Hollow, Crest Hollow, just to name a few.

    By the way, what's the plan if it rains?
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  • what you are looking for exists in Hallockville Museum Farm, Benner Farm, and Salt Air Farm. They are ALL amazing places to have weddings.
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