Hi Gals-Has anyone heard any reviews on Lumeire in Lebanon? It looks like a beautiful place and good pricing, but it's a little far from us and we want to get some opinions before we sign a contract.We are considering it for both wedding and reception.Thanks!

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    definitely make sure you visit before you sign anything. It is important to really know what you are getting into.
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    Ask on the Indiana board.  I think I have seen some girls over there write about it.
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    Thanks to both of you. I just posted on the IN too. I've visited the property and it is just makes me curious why not many people have heard of it since they have been around for several years.It could be the best kept secret ever!
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    I think a couple girls got married there last year but they are no longer on this board.  I think I've seen them over on the bump. I wanna say one of them was beccabrad.
  • I know a few people that got married there. It's beautiful and very accomodating. It's just a bit far for most Indy brides but well worth it if you can make it work for your wedding.
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    Hi and congratulations! My fiance and I checked out this venue in person late August and crossed it off  our list due to maintenance of the grounds. However, the inside was very neat and clean. I would def recommend checking it out or send a trusted source.
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    I go to the spa there for massages and always thought it was so beautiful.  Once when I went, they had it set up outside for a wedding later that day and I just loved it.  Maybe you could schedule a visit for a day when they are having a wedding so you can see it all set up.
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    Just take my word for it, just really really really check  out everything about this place.
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    I was married there in late 2008 - haven't been on this board in ages just checking out venues for a friend.  It is a beautiful venue but I DO NOT reccomend them.  They are extreemly disorganized.  They will tell you one thing to your face then say the opposite the next time you talk to them.  They will change prices, add charges that were never discussed and in general, make a day that should be amazing a stressful nightmare.  There are other beautiful sites around Indy that will be less hassel.  You can also page beccabrad on the IN bump page - she was married there a couple months before me and I don't think she had a much better experience.

  • you should check out the 
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