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Ceremony Timing & Pictures

I am planning a small, immediate family only (30-40 people) ceremony for early next year, January or February. The ceremony will take place at a B&B and then we will have a cocktail hour, sit down dinner, and cake afterward. (We are going to have a large party for other family and friends on a different day).This is my second marriage and his first. For some reason I think I am being more traditional this time and do not want him to see me before the ceremony.  I would love to start the ceremony around 5 or 6 or so, but obvioulsy in the winter that is right at or after sunset.  Basically, I am worried about pictures.  With it being winter though not sure really how many we would get to do outside anyway. The inside of the B&B is beautiful so inside pictures would not be a problem.I guess my question is:  Is there anyone out there that has had their ceremony or is planning to have their ceremony at that time so all of the pictures were taken after dark?  Was it a problem? How did the pictures turn out? Etc? 

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    We didn't have this problem, and I don't know of any brides who had pics taken in the dark, but I can't imagine that they would turn out.  Have you considered talking about this to your photographer and get their thoughts?
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