Wedding Venue help!

Hi Ladies!
    Just engaged, and have already jumped right on into wedding planning :):) FI and I are looking at two places this weekend, the barns at wesleyan hills (my top pick--also at the top of our budget) and Bill Millers Castle. We are looking to try to do November of 2012 or April of 2013. Looking for feed back from you all on these places or ideas for other venues. I really wanted something rustic, and modern and wasn't too sure about how I felt about the castle from pictures I have seen on the website.

Thanks in advance and Happy Thanksgiving!
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Re: Wedding Venue help!

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    I'm a barns bride! September 2012. It was also at the top of my budget, but after a lot of thought I couldn't imagine getting married anywhere else. It just felt like us.
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    Also, congrats and welcome!
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    Congrats and Welcome! Check out the Branford House at Avery Point- Beautiful! There is also the Eolia Mansion at Harkness Park....the Seaport is also pretty rustic yet modern. Let us know what you decide :)
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    congrats & welcome!
    The Barns look beautiful from the pics I've seen :) Not sure about Bill Miller's--it seemed a little creepy-looking to me (from their site), but my friend visited it and liked it. You could also check out St. Clement's Castle (gorgeous--we had our prom there!) or Mill on the River (another budget-friendly option)

    good luck!
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    If you want a rustic, modern venue, check out the new Farmington Gardens in Farmington. I am getting marreid there next July. The place is gorgeous! Definitely worth a look IMO. I worked with Phil.
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  • fluttaby32fluttaby32 member
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    welcome! mine is going to be at Mill on the River. Its def rustic looking
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    I would definately go to Bill Miller's to check it out.  The pictures on the site don't do it justice.  We had our wedding there and had the best time! The staff is awesome as well as the food and  the decor.  It's not one of those cookie cutter reception halls and that's what I loved about it! Good luck!
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    Welcome! I'm a Barns bride as well - August 2012. It was definitely at the top of our budget as well, with the site fee. However, I found it long before we were engaged and it was the only place we went to see - I knew it was where we would have our wedding! Good luck! Also, maybe try the Lace Factory? Definitely different and a bit rustic.
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    If you're looking for rustic and on a budget, I'd suggest Oronoque Country Club (at least taking a look).  We didn't choose a place yet but the prices were good (we looked at the Barns but it was way out of our price range with the $3,500 site fee plus $90s per person plus tax and gratuity... I believe).  Oronoque Country Clyb provides a per person price inclusive (including gratuity and tax).  It's located in Strattford, CT.  Liz is great (wedding coordinator) - very personable, responsive, and friendly.
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    If you want unique and don't mind hiring a caterer, I had mine at the Stamford Museum and Nature Center. Absolutely gorgeous!
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