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It's not mine... (vent)

I don't feel like this party is mine anymore. Yes, it's FOR us, but we're no longer in control of the planning/details. Or so it seems. I'm probably just beat from being with my mom and his mom for 9 (yes, 9) straight hours (no alcohol, no cigs and I'm not quite sure how I survived). I got yelled at, ganged up on, and finally gave up. I gave in to things I did not want. And I don't care. By the end of the night, they brought up the issues again, and all I could do was look them straight in the face and reply "It's whatever you want". Yet they would come back saying "Please don't forget this day if for you and J". Uh, yeah. Ok. 

Re: It's not mine... (vent)

  • Can you let things quiet down a little and go back to each one of them separately and say, "Listen, I know things got out of hand.  But it's MY wedding, and this is how it's going to go."  and then fix it?I can be a real doormat about some things, but I think that after 23 years, my mom has a sense of when I'm done compromising.  FMIL kept adding people to the list and making "suggestions."  I think after she realized how mad I was about the guest list, she toned it way down.  [And also, it might have helped that about a month ago, she got to witness me verbally lashing the guy who set up the shower my aunt threw me for disregarding every request my aunt made about the seating arrangement because he thought his way would look better.  It didn't.  We had a standoff for about 10 minutes and then my bridesmaids began moving the tables themselves.  I thought FMIL's jaw was literally going to hit the floor.]I don't know if that was helpful at all, but if you need me to yell at anyone, I can make arrangements.
  • Ha! Thanks ladies. I'm letting them figure out the details that were bugging the crap out of me. As a result, we have free tables and possibly a free tent. Can't complain too much. Maybe it was a good thing after all...

  • We are keeping FMIL in the dark pretty much about the whole thing or else she'd be offering up her "crafting" skils left, right and center. They just need to realize that they've had their days and now it's someone elses turn.
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