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Father of the bride song help!

i know this sounds cheesy but i want to dance to "to-ra-loo-ra-loo-ra" (spelling?) because its the one song my dad sang to me when i was little. my mom had a whole list of songs she sang to me however that was my dad's song! i have searched for HOURS for a "hip/updated" version of the song yet i cant seem to find one. the bing crosby version is classic but doesn't sound "wedding enough" to me ... does anyone have any suggestions on a "wedding version"?? my second song right now is tim mcgraw's "my little girl" (i know its popular now) the lyrics make me cry. only problem is i am the only one in the family who likes country so it wouldnt be "special" for my dad and i to dance to. thanks!

Re: Father of the bride song help!

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    I would just use the one that means the most to the two of you. Its your wedding and doesnt have to make sense to anyone else.
  • hoofinithoofinit member
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    I don't think it's cheesy at all. Have you asked your father for a suggestion? I thought i knew just the song my father and I should dance to and he said that though "Misty" really is sort of 'our' song, he didn't think it would be very easy to dance to. His suggestion was "(You Are) My Special Angel". I nearly cried when he suggested it. I love it and that is what we are going to use. We are having a live band and a very good friend of mine has a vocal quartet that is going to sing it for us accompanied by the band. Regardless, pick a song that means something to YOU and your dad. It's your day and if that song is what you want, go for it! Good Luck!
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    I agree pick a song thats special to you and your dad. Thats what I did. I recently found out he thinks of me when he hears "Isn't She Lovely" by Stevie Wonder. And so that's our song...it's a bit fast than a traditional slow father/daughter dance but I love it. It's up beat and fun. And most importantly my dad's favorite :)
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    My dad has picked a song for us to dance to and he won't tell me. The funny thing is, I have picked a song too and won't tell him the name of it. Talk to your dad and see what he wants. But ultimately it's YOUR day and your song with your dad
  • madmaenicmadmaenic member
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    My dad wanted our song to be " My Little Girl" by Tim McGraw....it is actually perfect.
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