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4 months out

I got some checks done like booked florist, maybe found a DOC, working out some of the logistic day of stuff with caterer, etc. I have been switching back and forth from OMG I am only x amount away and I need to get on the ball to I can't wait for this wedding to be over with so i can get all this stuff out of my house. What is everyone working on so I can get motivated?

Re: 4 months out

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    I have reached that point too where I'm excited but also kind of ready to be done with it all! We're kind of playing catch up, so right now I'm working on getting my STD cards out, finalizing our menu, and arranging hotel blocks.
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    I am currently working on getting the invitations together.  I know it is going to be a slow process so the sooner the better.  I have also made necklace/earrings/bracelet set for all my bms as part of their gift.  I am also working on my DIY tissue paper pomanders!  Get on it girl!! =)  4 months is going to go by SO fast PLUS if you are doing a seating chart you will be pretty consumed with that in the few weeks before the wedding
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    2 months from today...aaaahhhh!  My goals for this week: Finish BM totes and goodiesOrder GM gifts (FI is buying them Chuck Taylors to wear with the tuxes)Find bowls for popcorn (centerpieces and apps all in one!)Send FI's ring back and order a smaller size.I tried to start on seating the other day and gave up, what a headache!
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    Britt, our weddings are only a week apart, and it seems we are both in about the same place! I'm also about to make a decision on a DOC. Then maybe these wedding nightmares will stop! This week I'm working on the invitations, and making a final decision on BM dresses (which I have been putting off forever, and have found to be a very difficult decision to make!). My MOH is visiting me this weekend, so I'm hoping to talk some stuff out with her.Now, if only I could find some gym motivation!
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    Yeah we're less than 90 days now and Im starting to freak out! I havent figured out what to do for programs yet- I returned the ones I bought from Michaels because the ink smeared so now I have no idea. Also need to finalize stuff for our candy bar and see if we are ordering candy online. Oh, and continue to work on eating healthy and not stress eating since my dress is in Gainesville and I would hate for it not to fit anymore!
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    Thanks for the motivation! I can definitely start working on the invites and programs. FI, on the other hand, needs to get on the few little things I asked him to do that he hasn't done yet, ugghhh.
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